Running was never my thing


Running was never my thing

December 21, 2021 |

Do you start every year with a New Year’s resolution?


Well one year Fay decided she would try running one more time.

“Running was never my thing.  I love exercising outdoors with a kettle bell, a slam ball and lengths at the lido.  I’d always been in awe of those who could just put on their trainers and GO and I was always of the opinion that I COULDN’T run.  Whenever I would try, I found it a struggle. I’d quickly get out of breath, I’d get a stitch and I didn’t enjoy it.  I’d look at other runners and think how relaxed and free they looked and I didn’t feel like that.  It made me feel cross with myself and foolish.

I decided to scratch that itch a few years ago when a neighbour told me he had felt the same until he had discovered the Greenwich Runners 0-5K course.  I decided to see if it would work for me.

On day one, Ellie and her team immediately put everyone at their ease and I was reassured to see such a mix of abilities and ages, shapes and sizes but all with the same goal – to see if they COULD run.  Each week was fun.  I actually wanted to run.

On the penultimate week, the one before we were due to complete our 5K at the end, I was convinced I wouldn’t make it without stopping. I just didn’t see how we would make the leap – but Carly told us to trust in the process and I did.

I ran with someone at a similar pace to me and we encouraged each other all the way.

The feeling of running 5K without stopping that day was so incredible and I think of it often.  Its not far, by many runners standards, but for me, it was a Himalayan peak.  It meant that I COULD now run 5K and that opened up a whole world of possibilities.

I didn’t just learn to run, I learned to actually LIKE it. Ellie, Carly and Yash taught me good techniques, how to build up my stamina and fitness, to think about my body position, what to think about when running up a hill, how to warm-up and stretch properly but mostly, to have confidence in myself as a runner. The negative coach that lived in my head whispering ‘you can’t run, you look silly, you need to stop now’ etc, was replaced with their encouraging, positive advice.

I’ve not gone on to run marathons – that was not my goal – but I have continued to happily run 5K 2 or 3 times a week (including the brilliant Saturday Run Club).  And through lockdown – and in fact during most weeks – running has supported my sanity and has made me feel good about lots of things – and I honestly never thought running would make me feel like that”.

Should you wish to give running a go, we have a new beginners running course starting in Janaury in Greenwich Park. Why not take that leap of faith. You might enjoy it.

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