Learn to Run


The Greenwich Running Academy holds individual running technique sessions, beginners running groups as well as running workshops on a regular basis in Greenwich Park and Market studios.

Learn to Run 5K – Beginners Running Course – Saturday 9.30am – 10.30am

AUTUMN TERM – Seven week course 3rd September 2022 – 15th October 2022 – £70.00 To book

Let us help you achieve the goal of running 5K in seven weeks with our friendly & sociable weekly group. Our female only coaches will be on hand each week to sypport you. Meet at the top of Greenwich Park by the bandstand. The last week of the course will see you achieve your goal of running run 5k around Greenwich Park.

Testimonial Fay December 2021

Running was never my thing.  I love exercising outdoors with a kettle bell, a slam ball and lengths at the lido.  However, I decided to scratch that itch a few years ago when a neighbour told me he had felt the same until he had discovered the Greenwich Runners 0-5K course.  On day one, Ellie and her team immediately put everyone at their ease and I was reassured to see such a mix of abilities and ages, shapes and sizes but all with the same goal – to see if they COULD run.  Each week was fun.  I actually wanted to run. On the penultimate week, I ran with someone at a similar pace to me and we encouraged each other all the way. The feeling of running 5K without stopping that day was so incredible and I think of it often.  Its not far, by many runners standards, but for me, it was a Himalayan peak.  It meant that I COULD now run 5K and that opened up a whole world of possibilities.


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