Pregnancy Pilates & the importance of staying strong.


Pregnancy Pilates & the importance of staying strong.

July 30, 2022 |

Pilates, with its powerful, but small movements, has been popular in pregnancy for many years.
Meghan Markle, Gwyneth Paltrow (!) and ballerina Darcey Bussell all regularly attended pregnancy pilates classes to keep in shape during their pregnancies.

And while we can’t promise celebrities next to you on the mat, you know everybody is a super star in our studio.

First up, different women have very different energy levels during each trimester of their pregnancy. So if you’re suffering from debilitating morning sickness or any other condition which is leaving you exhausted, listen to your body. Hopefully, it will pass and you can pick up a term of classes before the baby’s due, leaving you strong and ready for the birth.

Next, consider the amount of exercise you’ve been doing in the year before pregnancy. Experts agree that if you’re a runner who regularly accomplishes 10ks there’s no reason to slam the breaks on when those blue lines appear on your pregnancy test.

Likewise with pilates, yoga and weight training. Pilates is especially good at building a strong core which will support your back as your bump grows. However this is not the time to focus on a six pack! We are budiding strength to prepare you for birth. WHY PILATES IS GOOD FOR BIRTH AND RECOVERY.

All our teachers at the studio are experience pre-natal experts and will continually assess you during class to ensure all your movements are safe for you and baby.

Finally, at Ellie Brown Wellness, we think one of the most important aspects of any exercise is the hour or so of the day you are allowing yourself to take for yourself. Mums-to-be can feel pressurised with the ‘deadline’ of baby’s arrival coming ever closer that they forget to carve out time for themselves. We really encourage you to commit to a course of classes, come along and enjoy the experience. Your future self, and baby, will thank you for it!

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