Outside of our regular Pilates and Yoga courses we strive to bring new, interesting and cutting edge workshops to the Greenwich Pilates Studios.

These workshops can be regular events taken by our one of our team or weekend workshops delivered by guest instructors. Do check regularly for workshop updates.


Saturday 9.30am – 10.30am

Spring Term – Seven Week Course – 4th May – 15th June – £60.00 button (002)

Summer Term – Seven Week Course – 22nd June – 3rd August – £60.00 button (002)

Greenwich Park, Greenwich, SE10, London

The Greenwich Runners beginners sessions help you to learn to run  0 – 5k in eight weeks.This group is for those who have always wanted to run but just don’t know how, recovering from an injury or if you have just had a baby and want to slowly get your fitness back. No experience is required. Over the course we will teach you correct running techniques, work on endurance (each week increasing the amount of time you run) and strengthen all those key muscles, especially the core muscles. We will offer online support as well as regular emails supporting you through your running journey.


@ Market Studios, Durnford Street, Greenwich Market

TBA 2019 2pm – 3.30pm £22.50 to book

For all levels of runner. Ellie Brown, a marathon runner, Pilates teacher and Stretch Therapist will be helping you stretch and release those tight and over worked muscles by using the foam roller, theraband (for stretching) as well as lacrosse balls, spikey balls and broom handles to release the fascia tissue around the feet, hips, legs, ITB, shoulders and spine. This workshop will give you the tools to be able to stretch and release at home. Spaces limited to 12.



 FAST FIVE -How to improve you Parkrun/5K timeHow to run faster, improve your technique and remain injury free. Feel  faster, stronger and more confident. SUNDAY 14TH JULY & 8TH SEPTEMBER  10.00am – 11.30pm  £17.00 button (002)

Meet at St Mary’s Gate, Greenwich Park. Greenwich.

This workshop is for runners of all abilities and is held in Greenwich Park. Our workshops are taken by England Athletics coach Ellie Brown & Carly O’Hara who have over 14 years of of coaching experience. We will look at all aspects of running and give you personal feedback on how you can improve your running times, achieve those targets and avoid injury.


 Thursday 11th July  1pm – 3pm with Esmelou £25.00 – Booking Essential – button (002)  Market Studios, Durnford Street, Greenwich Market

Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, the final stages of pregnancy can be a unique experience loaded with excitement, anticipation and fear. How do you maintain equilibrium and trust in your body while interested family and friends beg the question ‘when are you due?’. Can you find any comfort in the ‘not-knowing’ when baby will make their grand entrance into your world. Can you ‘let go’ of preconceptions of how your birth will be while at the same time making clear plans and setting intentions? So much to think of! During these last few weeks your body starts to lead the way as it prepares for the most miraculous of experiences. Come and join other mothers in the same phase: move, breathe, cry, laugh and rest. Details


Saturday 6th July  2pm – 3.30pm with Esmelou £20.00 – Booking Essential – button (002) Market Studios, Durnford Street, Greenwich Market

The workshop is for Mothers without their babies and is designed to support those Mamas who have met the 6 month post-natal period and beyond. When the dust has settled, the visitors have waned, the lack of sleep has started to take its toll and your resources are at a somewhat low ebb. Being guided through gentle yet potent, heart-opening yoga asana, mindful breathing and meditation you will be therapeutically supported to find emotional balance, peace and a renewed sense of self. Details


Thursday 18th July  2pm – 3.30pm  £20.00 with Anya Hayes  Market Studios, Durnford Street, Greenwich Market  Booking Essential – button (002)

Join Anya Hayes for a monthly Pilates workshop for postnatal rehabilitation. This 90 minute workshop focuses on breathing, alignment and pelvic floor awareness in functional daily movement, releasing tension and finding your deep inner strength. It is suitable if you’re suffering from diastasis recti, and if you’ve been diagnosed with prolapse. Details