Running technique workshops



Bought to you by the Greenwich Running Academy. England Athletics coaches will give individual attention to help you improve your running technique.

FINDING FORM – Running Technique Workshop with UKA coaches Ellie Brown & Carly O’Hara in Greenwich Park.

Three running technique workshops where each session is a building block to a stronger and more efficient runner.

Posture, Position & Alignment –  Saturday 23rd April 2022 9.30am – 10.45 £15.00 To book

What is the perfect running posture? Where should my feet land? What happens with my arms when I run? All of your questions answered as we explore running form and identify focus points specifically for you.

Stability & Strength –  Saturday `28th May  2022 9.30am – 10.45 £15.00 to book

How to build strength into your running. Why we need strength and what exercises are invaluable to a runner? An introduction to drills and exercises that will complement your running and improve conditioning.

Cadence & Speed –   Saturday 19th March & 18th June 2022 11.00am – midday £15.00 

We all want to run faster – right? We can’t promise you’ll be Usain Bolt however we will give you the tools so you can try. A look at how we can include session in our routine that target speed so you can start chasing those PBs.

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