Free Online Support during Pregnancy Webinar

Thursday 18th February 7.30pm  

Hosted by Greenwich Fitness and Pilates with

Osteopath Karen Lemon

Women’s Health Physiotherapist Magdalena Wisniewska

Nutritional Therapist Zannie Krogh 

The workshop will cover: 

Magdalena Wisniewska: Pelvic floor in pregnancy – why is it important?

  • What is and where is pelvic floor 
  • How to do pelvic floor exercises correctly
  • How pelvic floor can help during labour and birth
  • How does pregnancy affect pelvic floor
  • Tips to make pelvic floor happy during pregnancy and after

 Karen Lemon; How posture changes in pregnancy

  •  The effect of hormonal changes on your body
  •  The cause of pain in pregnancy such as pelvic girdle pain and back pain
  •  Advice on exercise during pregnancy and other common worries
  •  Demonstration of exercises to help with aches and pains

Zannie Krogh:

  • Key nutrients (macro & micro) to consider during pregnancy 
  • How to support a healthy blood sugar balance and stable energy through pregnancy 
  • The importance of good gut health during pregnancy

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