Pilates for Cyclists

To be a better cyclist…you have to cycle more. No rocket science there. A Pilates class will not impact your power-to-weight ratio directly. It will however restore some of the mobility in your body, strengthen muscles you never knew existed, improve your awareness and keep you supple so you can keep on riding… You will be less injury prone, or you will recover from your injuries quicker so you can get back in the saddle. Example? To utilise the biggest muscles (glutes) on your bike, you need your hips to be in an optimal position. You lower back muscles are not designed to get you up Alpe d’Huez (or Alpe d’Zwift these days…). Pilates will help you with that! Cannot hold the streamlined position long enough? We will show you what you can do… And if you have not figured it out for yourself yet, it is all connected! As Pilates exercises the whole body and mind, you have better change to be an all-rounder on the bike and in life. Before you invest your money in the next pair of light bike shoes, maybe it is time to invest in the engine that powers the bike forward i.e. you? Work on the ankle mobility to smooth out your pedal stroke? Try our workshop: Pilates (and more) for cyclists. During the workshop, you will learn a hip and upper back mobility routine, go through an intermediate mat practice with a focus on a cyclist’s needs, finish with strengthening exercises with some tips what to look for. You are not expected to be flexible (we will let you know what you might need for the session to make it all easier). All exercises will be demonstrated and you are encouraged to have your video on so J can give your some tips how to make the exercises better for you. And remember it is your body you are working on – leave your competitive edge for the rides.

Judyta Kajstura started doing Pilates back in 2014 when office work and hours on the bike started making things sore and tight. The more she new about the benefits of practicing the method and exploring the full system, the more she was convinced that it is something everyone should be doing. She qualified as a Pilates teacher in 2016 and since set up her studio in Edinburgh. The main purpose of Pilates is to prepare you body the best you can for life and all the activities end up doing. Judyta spends hours training for Xtreme triathlons requiring hours of cycling and running. In 2019, she completed the Swissman – swim in a lake then cycle 180km passing three major passes in the Swiss Alps and run a mountain marathon at the end. Pilates is what allows her to keep on training for hours, spot imbalances that might lead to injuries, speed up recovery and not feel broken.

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If you cannot make the class we can provide with a recording of the session. Just sign up as usual and let us know you require the recording.

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