Myofascial Bodywork, Structural Integration

Ramona PeoplesProfessional qualifications: Advanced Myofascial Techniques. Structural Integration. ScarWork Therapy – specialisations in Pelvic & Abdominal Scars and Breast Cancer Scars. Oncology Massage. NOI pain practitioner. Back4Good practitioner. Taping. Pilates Matwork and Studio teacher with specialisation in core stability, pregnancy, women’s health and back care. Yoga teacher. Breathing school practitioner. Somatics teacher (Franklin Method level 3). Functional Movement Science and MSc in Dance Science.

Myofascial Bodywork is a unique blend of touch, breath and movement tools used to address complaints such as movement dysfunctions and pain, e.g. back and hip pain, neck and shoulder issues, headaches, joint pain, sciatica, etc. Deep, direct touch and subtle, receptive touch are interwoven with mind-body focus and breath. This work is extremely useful in profound ways: by increasing options for movement and by refining awareness so that the body can be felt in new and enhanced ways. As a result, pain, performance and well-being can all improve. The emphasis of this work centres on the human interaction between practitioner and client so the WHOLE person is seen, heard and helped.

Structural Integration is a multi-session bodywork treatment of your myofascia combined with movements and breath. We will not just focus on the “problem or pain” spots but will address the whole body as injury, trauma and habits can affect the body in unique ways and the knock-on effects can be felt some distance away.
You can come for one-off sessions, but the best, most permanent and progressive results are achieved with a series of sessions. On each visit we address a different part of the body. Ideally, there is a break of one to two weeks between sessions for you to integrate the treatments: breaking old habits and exploring new movements and postural patterns instead.
Structural Integration is designed to restore structural balance, ease and fluidity of movement, and a feeling of “comfortably fitting into your skin”.

Each session and treatment plan will be tailor-made for your needs and your goals. If you wish, Ramona can help identify and develop appropriate self-help tools and exercises that you can fit into your daily life taking the effects of each treatment with you.

60 minutes £80
75 minutes £90
90 minutes £100
Recommended initial session for new clients is 75 minutes

phone: 07966 741 296

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