My Menopause Companion Programme

You can have a good menopause. Learn more about our programme. Early bird offer ends soon.

Yes you CAN have a good menopause

Irritability, anger, anxiety, mood swings, body aches, migraine, low libido, urinary tract infections, loss of energy, insomnia, hot flushes, night sweats, genital discomfort…the menopause transition brings a rollercoaster of hormones and a whole host of debilitating symptoms that hamper the day-to-day life of sufferers and their family, friends and colleagues.

Do you recognise this? In yourself, or in anyone you know? Do you want to find out about the many different options you can take to make things better? And would you like to share your experiences with others going through the same journey?

My Menopause Companion is an expert advice and support group founded and run by four menopause specialists to help every individual tackle these issues. Issues that need facing both during the hormonal transition, and for the years beyond.

Our 6-week online programme covers the crucial medical, nutritional, lifestyle and exercise interventions that you can consider if you want to make your mid-life years and beyond the best years of your life. And by joining us you automatically become part of our community that gives you an ongoing opportunity to connect with others in your situation.

A 6 week live programme designed for perimenopausal and menopausal individuals of any age, empowering you to manage your menopause. 

We deliver menopause training to the NHS.

The programme gives you expert independent advice, interpretation of cutting edge research and practical tips for improving your life.

Monday 12th September – 17th October 2022 £79.00 (Early Brid – £59.00 until August 1st)

Recordings and handouts as well as practical support for each week.

Here’s what we’ll be covering each week:

Week 1: The Big Picture

• Who we are: your four MMC experts and why we are well-placed to help you

• A journey through the body and mind – what happens during perimenopause and menopause

• Menopause myth busting!

• Live Q&A session

Week 2: Strong bones and gliding joints

• How to support your musculoskeletal system in mid-life to remain active and pain-free

• We will focus on nutritional interventions and also include a practical movement session

• Live Q&A session

Week 3: Weight and shape

• How to use nutrition and exercise to maintain a healthy weight and shape in your 40s, 50s and beyond

• We’ll be including a live cooking lesson and a short exercise session

• Live Q & A session

Week 4: Mind, memory & mood

• How and why fluctuating hormones affect our brain function in mid-life, and some key nutritional steps to keeping your mood, memory and mind in good order

• Why sleep matters and how to improve it

• Live Q & A session

• The session will finish with a mindful breathing practice to calm and clear the mind.

Week 5: Below the belt

• A summary of common genito-urinary symptoms of the menopause and the medical options available to help

• A run-down of often-neglected nutrients that are crucial for vaginal and bladder health

• How to support your gut microflora to help prevent urinary tract infections

• We’ll also include a teach-in on the correct way to exercise the pelvic floor.

• Live Q & A session

Week 6: Hot and bothered

• Why we get hot flushes and night sweats, including common triggers to watch out for

• Medical, nutritional and lifestyle tips on keeping your cool

• We’ll be devoting extra time to the live Q&A session to give you the opportunity to post all your important questions, on anything we’ve discussed over the six-week course.

Note: If you are not able to attend the live session a recording will be available for 72 hours after the live event.

Once you join the course, you’ll become an exclusive Menopause Companion, giving you automatic membership to our closed Facebook group where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and be part of our ongoing conversation on how to get the most out of this important and exciting stage of your life.

My Menopause Companion is founded and hosted by:

Kate McCarthy gynaecologist and menopause specialist. Kate runs a local menopause service in SE London

Ellie Brown fitness and wellbeing coach. Ellie is the founder of Greenwich Wellness, Fitness and Pilates: a unique wellness business built on happiness, trust and compassion. She has been inspiring and supporting people to find their own pace in Greenwich and beyond since 2003.

Lorraine Nicolle MSc registered award winning nutritionist (mBANT) and educator with 18 years clinical experience in helping people age well.

Zannie Krogh registered nutritionist (mBANT) based in Greenwich. Zannie hosts regular wellbeing and nutrition workshops online and in SE London.

For more information: follow us on twitter – mymenopausecompanion


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