Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR)

An eight week course.

Dates: Wednesdays 10am – 12pm (27 April, 4, 11, 18, 25 May, 8, 15, 22 June 2022)

Cost: £300  email Rabiya to book To book

MBSR is for those who are committed to incorporating mindfulness into their everyday life, to realise the full benefits of mindfulness and ultimately to living their lives with greater ease. It is the most recognised and established of the mindfulness courses and is taught all over the world. Scientifically proven to help people cope better with stress, depression and anxiety across experience and situation. With the skills and mindfulness practice gained on the course, participants will;

  • Learn to cultivate awareness and self-awareness
  • Respond rather than react to stress
  • Learn to slow down in a way which means less haste, more pace and attending to oneself with greater awareness and compassion.

This 8 weeks life-skills course will give participants access to a whole range of tools to incorporate mindfulness into their everyday life. Ultimately, learning how to better cope under pressure and how to find balance, calm and to thrive despite life’s ups and downs. At the core of this course is self-care, whereby participants can take away practical self-care tools as well as the adoption of a more accepting and compassionate stance towards oneself.

The key learning points include:

  • A variety of formal and informal mindfulness meditation practices, which involve using the breath and body as a focus for being aware of our experience in the present moment;
  • Understanding the physiology of stress and how to self-regulate our moods, so that we are better able to pause in challenging situations and manage our responses more effectively.
  • Recognising the patterns of worrying and self-criticism that often generate more stress; and learning to relate to ourselves with a more accepting and kinder stance.
  • Learning to have more mindful, and thus meaningful, communication, connections, and relationships. Developing practical self-care tools to help us thrive, perform at our best, and build resilience.
  • A detailed electronic version of our course workbook, which will cover the theory of each session and provide details of the home practice;
  • Access to guided meditations (male/female voice) for the home practice

About the Trainer Rabiya McKeverne is an ICF Accredited Coach with a passion for improving mental health, wellbeing and resilience. Rabiya has been practised mindfulness for over twenty years – her goal is to bring mindfulness to a greater audience to support individuals and organisations to thrive. Rabiya has delivered mindfulness training to wide range of audience from vulnerable individuals to student, health and social care professional, therapists, teachers and parents.

“Fantastic course, very engaging and useful. Rabiya makes mindfulness very accessible and delivers it in a way that is easy to digest.’

“Rabiya makes mindfulness very accessible and delivers it in a way that is easy to digest.”

“I have been surprised at how my practice is slowly becoming a part of my daily experience and I do get a sense of space opening up me in the day.”

“I am calmer and less critical. I am not trying to put out all the fires. “

“The meditations are amazing. I often leave the sessions feeling relaxed and focused. The theory in the course is really useful and applicable to improving the quality of day-to-day life. So glad I made the time to take this course.”

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