Yasia Williams 


Professional expertise: UK Athletics running coach, Level 2 gym instructor with a further qualification in circuit training

I joined the Greenwich Runners after having my second child with a plan to get fit and meet new people. Not only did I achieve both of these things but I caught the running bug in the process. I’ve always been sporty but long distance running was something rather alien to me as an adult. When I started I could barely run for longer than a few minutes but with determination and support I ran my first 5k in that first year and I’ve never looked back. Running for me isn’t about time or speed, it’s about the challenge, the enjoyment, the freedom it brings, and the achievements it gives. I’m so proud and happy to now have trained as a Leader in Running Fitness so I can help and support new runners achieve their own goals going forward. I teach a variety of classes from big groups in run club to zoom strength classes, as well as some one-on-one clients. I love watching the journey and progression people can make through running and fitness. Supporting and encouraging them through their journey as they reach their goals is a wonderful thing that I feel very lucky to be part of.

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