Running Coach

Yasia Williams

Running Coach

If someone had told me 10 years ago that in the future I would run a marathon, i would have laughed out loud and quite simply said that it was not possible, but here I am, with that marathon and a few others under my belt, part of this wonderful team of coaches helping other people believe that anything is possible.

I joined the Greenwich Runners after my second child with a plan to get fit and meet new people and not only did I achieve both of these things but I caught the running bug in the process. I’ve always been sporty but long distance running was something rather alien to me as an adult.

When I started I could barely run for longer than a few minutes but with determination and support I ran my first 5k in that first year and I’ve never looked back. I’ve now run all kinds of distances, in different terrains in a few different countries, often with wonderful people but I’m also happy to plug myself into some happy tunes and hit the streets to blow off the cobwebs and give myself some time to think.

Running or me isn’t about times or speed, its about the challenge, and the enjoyment, the freedom it brings, and the achievements it gives. I’m so proud and happy to now have trained as a Leader in Running Fitness so i can help and support new runners achieve their own goals going forward.

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