Pilates Instructor

Laura Browne

Pilates Instructor

“I first started Pilates out of interest really. I had heard a bit about it and after sustaining a shoulder injury at the gym, I decided to give it a try. I realised I had been exercising and using weights incorrectly, putting unnecessary strain on my shoulders and back.

Soon, my once a week class turned into two, then three. Pilates made me feel amazing. I loved the control, the focus and the huge difference it made to my posture and strength. Not just during the class but in the way I moved day to day.

After three children, all of whom liked to be carried on one hip, I found the imbalances in my body had started to even out. It was like I finally owned it again.

After a few years I decided to train to teach and am now a qualified level 3 instructor with BCP (Body Control Pilates) and level 3 REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals). My passion lays with helping people, to see how Pilates makes a difference to how they move and how they feel. I want them to walk out of a class feeling like I still do, every time.”

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