Laura Dunster


Professional expertise: England Athletics coach in running fitness (CIRF), Mental health champion for Greenwich Runners

When I’m not coaching I teach secondary school students psychology. I am particularly passionate about the benefits of exercise (especially when outdoors and/or with others) for mental health. 

​I ran my first 10k over 10 years ago and loved the race atmosphere, sense of achievement and camaraderie but thought any longer a distance was beyond me. However, I caught the running bug and since then have had the privilege of running the London Marathon twice for charity, a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone, whatever your stage.  I’ve really appreciated the huge variety of benefits running gives you physically, mentally and socially and now I wouldn’t be without it!

I trained as a coach as I love encouraging others to run and want to share the benefits it has given me. Although I do enjoy running alone, I think there is so much to be gained by being part of a group, understanding running technique, strategy and having others challenge you. I love seeing people progress and achieve things they never thought they could, particularly those who don’t think of themselves as runners or as sporty.  I love that Greenwich Runners is such a supportive, inclusive community and so much more than a running group.

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