Katie Ward-Waller


Professional expertise: England Athletics leader in running fitness, Level 2 Gym Instructor

I’ve run as a form of cross-training for most of my life, but I only really discovered a love of running in 2014 as a new mum at Ellie Brown Wellness Buggy Runners. It was wonderful to meet other mums and have a chat while getting fit. This led me to take part in running races, including the London Marathon, and to join Greenwich Runners. During this time, I realised how fulfilling and rewarding it was to encourage and support others to reach their running and other fitness goals, so in 2019, I qualified as a Level 2 gym instructor and England Athletics leader in running fitness. This enabled me to teach group running and circuit sessions, with a focus on building strength and conditioning. I’m delighted to now be part of the coaching team for Buggy Runners and Greenwich Runners, where it all started for me.

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