Judyta Kajstura 


Professional expertise: Full classical mat and reformer Pilates teacher

Judyta qualified as a mat and reformer Pilates teacher with Body Control in 2016. She continued her education and obtained full classical mat and apparatus training from Pi Studio in London in 2019. She holds a pre and post natal qualification. There is no end to learning about the method and the human body so she keeps updating her knowledge with workshops and work with different teachers. Prior to her Pilates career, she worked in financial services so she knows the ins and outs of a sedentary lifestyle and what the body needs.

As well as Pilates, Judyta has practiced all sorts of disciplines: from Parkour to Triathlon. She is always training for her next Xtreme Triathlon, and believes that Pilates is the method that will keep her body in balance and prevent injuries. She is currently working towards her Triathlon Coach certification and learning more about running and cycling specific exercises. 

She believes that Pilates exercises are for everyone and that we should all keep our body fit for anything life throws at us: running a marathon, having a baby or chopping firewood. Having exposure to a range of disciplines allows her to bring in exercises from outside Pilates where beneficial.

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