Jane Bennett


Professional expertise: Training: the School of Craniosacral Therapy, London. Member of the British Craniosacral Therapy Association

I have over 20 years practice in the field of somatic work. My work is with the history that is held in our bodies and how this manifests as current physiological disturbances, incorporating aspects of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Ihave been a member of the British Craniosacral Therapy Association since 2006. I have taught yoga since 1999 working within the principles of the well functioning body with a bio-mechanical view combined with an all systems body, mind and spirit integrative perspective. Starting out as a contemporary Dancer in 1989 and my career in dance has been heavily influenced by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais with his educational system of learning neurological pathways and how this develops self awareness and ease. I have been drawn to principles around efficiency of movement and the effect these principles have on clearing the mind, particularly the gravity inspired work of Vanda Scaravelli taken forward by teachers such as osteopath/yoga teacher Pete Blackaby. The work I do is with body/mind centering and the doors that are opened in our understanding when these unite.

Prices: £60 for 1 hour

Contact: phone: 0781 5731695 Website: www.jane-bennett.co.uk

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