Emma Payne


Professional expertise: Holistic facials

Emma offers treatments from the Hathor London facial studio which specialises in high-performance facials using natural, cruelty-free products and advanced techniques to achieve long lasting results, whilst also working with you to gain a deep understanding of your skin’s needs. Each Hathor facial is bespoke and tailored just for you, using a deliciously relaxing combination of Gua Sha massage, lymphatic drainage, LED Light Therapy and cryotherapy.

Signature Facial: 60 mins £60, 90 mins £85. 

Mini Facial: LED Light Therapy: 30 mins £30. 

Mini Facial: Gua Sha Facial Massage: 30 mins £30. 

Contact: email: hi@hathorlondon.com website: https://www.hathorlondon.co.uk

Please book via: https://www.fresha.com/a/hathor-london-greenwich-london-market-studios-uk-durnford-street-w5jjxcv1?pId=413295

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