Caroline Dann


Professional expertise: Mat Pilates instructor, Reformer training with the STOTT method.

From an early age Caroline developed a passion for fitness. As a teenager she trained as a competitive swimmer.  She is a keen runner and has completed a couple of marathons (now  several years ago).  She changed careers from office work and trained as a Mat Pilates  teacher, completing her Reformer Pilates course with Stott Pilates in New York.  

Caroline has been teaching Mat Pilates since 2013 and Reformer Pilates since 2016. She  is passionate about the benefits of using equipment. She enjoys working with a wide range of clients from beginners to athletes and understands the benefits of correct breathing and body alignment. Caroline believes that Pilates is a union of mind, body and spirit!

Caroline has been lucky enough to have worked overseas and in London spreading her passion for Pilates.  She is observant and body aware and enjoys helping people achieve their goals and progress in a friendly and safe environment.

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