ScarWork Therapy

Ramona Peoples –  Professional qualifications: ScarWork Therapy – specialisations in Pelvic & Abdominal Scars and Breast Cancer Scars. Oncology Massage. Advanced Myofascial Techniques. Structural Integration. NOI pain practitioner. Back4Good practitioner. Taping. Pilates Matwork and Studio teacher with specialisation in core stability, pregnancy, women’s health and back care. Yoga teacher. Breathing school practitioner. Somatics teacher (Franklin Method level 3). Functional Movement Science and MSc in Dance Science.

Scars can feel stuck, tight, sensitive, numb and cause discomfort. ScarWork Therapy helps to reduce those symptoms as it reconnects and promotes healing of scars from injuries, burns and surgeries. ScarWork Therapy can help with very old and newly healed scars anywhere in the body.

Gentle and non-invasive techniques and movements are used on and around the scar to improve feeling and functionality, ease discomfort and aid emotional recovery. Treatment is always given within the client’s comfort levels. It is rarely tender, even for new scars. Although seemingly effortless, the treatments can instigate whole body shifts where patterns of tension or dysfunction caused by old or new scars can be released.

Ramona treats all scars and has a special interest in supporting women with abdominal & pelvic scars (C-section, hysterectomy, etc.) and breast cancer scars.

Each session and treatment plan will be tailor-made for your needs and your goals. If you wish, Ramona can help identify and develop appropriate self-help tools and exercises that you can fit into your daily life taking the effects of each treatment with you.

60 minutes £80
75 minutes £90
90 minutes £100
Recommended initial session for new clients is 75 minutes

phone: 07966 741 296

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