Prepare to Sweat

Circuit Reformer

Want a class where you can sweat it out without jumping up and down or running round the park. Well this is the session for you and you won’t be disappointed.

The class consists of four ‘circuits’ on the reformer.  Each reformer will be set up differently and dedicated to working a different area of the body. After spending a set amount on time on one reformer, we will have a 60 second break before moving round to the next reformer. This is repeated until you have completed two full circuits.

The class is more upbeat and of a higher pace than regular reformer Pilates: designed to get you working the same muscles at the same efficiency as regular reformer pilates at a much higher intensity. Prepare to sweat!

Suitable for those who feel confident on the reformer and an understanding of the Pilates principals is essential.

Not suitable for pregnancy or for those who have back/neck pain or any other pain which may restrict their movement. We have other classes which may suit you better.

Tuesday 8.05pm – 9.05pm with Katie Toolin button

REFORMER STUDIO – Market Studios, Durnford Street, Greenwich Market SE10 9HZ. 


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