These Pregnancy Pilates classes, taken by Ellie Brown, Gina Leung and Ellen Leishman who are all trained in pre and postnatal Pilates, require no prior experience.

Our small classes are taken in the comfort of the Greenwich Pilates studio, a bespoke studio in the heart of Greenwich.

Our classes are 65 minutes long and the classes always start with a little chat about how everyone is feeling. The sessions are slow moving and will take you through your trimesters all the way to the day of your birth.

We supply all the mats, blankets for relaxation and equipment you will need.

It is advisable to take up Pilates from 12/14 plus weeks into your pregnancy and the classes can be taken all the way through your pregnancy to your birth date. Should you wish to take up Pilates later than 12/14 weeks that would not be a problem however if you are not sure, please contact us.

If you have any concerns it is advisable to discuss these with your doctor or midwife before taking up Pilates or you can contact us directly with any questions. email

Below you’ll find details of the classes we run and here is a link to a little more detailed exercise advice….Prenatal exercise tips

Ellie Brown was featured on Gina Ford’s Contented Baby website in July 2013 and January 2014. Click here to read the article on Pregnancy and Pilates and Click here to read the article on Postnatal fitness, when and how?

All the classes are held at the Greenwich Pilates Studio: 225 Greenwich High Road SE10 8NB
We ask you to book into a class that suits you best and if you are unable to make your usual session you may drop into one of our other classes below.

Monday 5.50pm – 6.50pm (with Ellen) Buy and Pay online

Tuesday 6.40pm – 7.45pm (with Gina)  Buy and Pay online

Thursday 1.20pm – 2.25pm (with Ellie)  Buy and Pay online

Saturday 11.30am – 12.35pm (with Ellen) Buy and Pay online

A carnet of 5 classes which must be taken over a two month period is £67.50

A carnet of 10 classes which must be taken over five months £130.00.

From 35 weeks, classes can be paid  per session £14.00.

Classes may be started when you feel ready to exercise. Please email or call for availability. Ellie 07958 225598