Pilates for runners

Venue – Online

£10.00 online /£60.00 – 6 week course.

You can book a whole course or an individual class (depending on availability) Our courses run every six weeks and the next course begins in January 2022.

These classes will focus on engaging and strengthening the major muscle groups involved in running, alongside working on control and core activation to improve running efficiency. To aid recovery and therefore promote progression, we will also focus on mobility work to make your next run feel like you best.

No experience of Pilates is required to join this course. Suitable if you have a running injury.

To participate you will require a mat, small weights (max 3kg or cans of beans is fine) and a band (or scarf).

All these sessions are recorded and a 76 hr recording can be sent rather than joining live. Please email us should you wish for the recording.

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