Nordic Walking


Nordic Walking has come to Greenwich and Ramona Peoples, one of our own practitioners is teaching it!

Walking with two poles is a whole-body workout. It uses 90% of your skeletal muscles and burns up to 46% more calories than normal walking. It can be done at a slow pace or highly energetic ways, and it is very gentle on your joints while strengthening your bones. Nordic walking is great for Women’s Health and has many well-documented health benefits for EVERYONE. It may serve you well if:

  • You would like to get fit in a fun way, while being outdoors and enjoying nature
  • You have not exercised for a while and would like to get back to it
  • You are a runner who has knee / joint problems and are looking for an alternative sport
  • You are looking to strengthen your bones as well as your muscles
  • You are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery and would like to start to exercise again
  • You would like to move more fluidly and exercise the whole body: upper, lower and your core
  • You are keen to improve your body alignment and posture
  • You like to walk with other people, make new friends and have some fun

In a nutshell, Nordic Walking is excellent for fitness, weight loss, rehab, heart and back health; it is great for mental health and joyful living and it is safe for all ages.

The teacher: Ramona Peoples (MSc) has been swinging her own Nordic Walking poles ever since a foot injury put a stop to her running some years ago. She is a qualified International Nordic Walking Instructor, and a member of British Nordic Walking. Ramona has also been teaching Pilates & Yoga since 2002, she hold a Masters in Dance Science from Laban in London and a Diploma in Functional Movement Science from the Gray Institute in the US. Ramona practices Myofascial Bodywork, Structural Integration and ScarWork Therapy at our Wellness centre. She has a special interest and years of experience in Women’s Health and Backcare and is looking forward to sharing the practice and its many benefits with YOU.

You only get the full benefits of Nordic Walking if you use the right technique. Ramona’s training is based on the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA). Their ten step teaching method helps you develop a highly effective, sportive and safe walking style. Ramona offers 1:1, group and taster sessions, themed workshops and longer walks in South-East London and further afield. Weekly guided walks will keep you on track, will stop you building bad habits, increase the sustainability of the exercise over time, are fun and engaging.

To enquire about Nordic Walking sessions and to book contact Ramona directly. She has Nordic Walking poles available to hire or you can bring your own.

Contact: phone: 07966 741 296 email:  Website:

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