Mummy me time

Mummy Me-Time  Mondays throughout January 2022


Free sessions for new Mums.

The link for the event is here:


Bitesize 30-minute sessions for 3 weeks during January 2022:

10th January  12 noon:  Learn what human presence is and how it can help calm you and your baby.

17th January  12 noon:  How to increase your compassion & gratitude for your baby and partner/support network during those more challenging times.

24th January  12 noon:  Letting go of intentions and learning to go with the flow.


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is connecting with the present moment with complete acceptance and no judgement.

When we are Mindful, we have more clarity & can make more conscious decisions, rather than operate on auto pilot. Life flows more effortlessly. Practicing Mindfulness helps us embrace the challenges we face.

Mindfulness doesn’t eliminate the stressors from our life. Your day may still not go as planned. Life still goes on, in its own unique and unpredictable way.

Mindfulness gives you the ability to build a different relationship with stress and respond to situations more skilfully.

About Priya

Priya is a Qualified Life Coach and Well-being Coach and most relevant, is a Mum! She is passionate about Well-being and Personal Development and runs workshops for organisations on a range of topics, she is a specialist in running Live Guided Mindfulness sessions as well as providing transformational one on one Life Coaching. Priya is delighted to have recently partnered with Ellie Brown, founder of Greenwich Fitness & Pilates and Mindhug to extend her reach to more people and help support them with their well-being.

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