Marathon Nutrition Workshop

Saturday 15th Februar2020  2.00-3.30pm £22.00 – BOOK HERE

with Ruth Tongue – MSc qualified nutritionist and Sports Scientist @ STUDIO 225

Don’t leave it until the week before your marathon to start thinking about fueling your race. Your nutrition plan should be just as important as getting in those long runs! Whether it’s your first marathon, or you’re a seasoned pro, this workshop will help you to achieve all of your training and race goals. MSc qualified nutritionist and Sports Scientist Ruth Tongue will answer your questions on what to eat during your training, before and after your long runs and on marathon day itself. Do you really need energy gels, bars and shots? Can you train for a marathon sugar-free? Can you train for a marathon and at the same time try to lose weight? Should you run fasted or fully carb loaded? All will be revealed!

London-Marathon pic