Hormone Balancing Workshop

Hormone Balancing Workshop

Saturday 23rd November 2-4pm £30.00 to book

Market Studios, Greenwich

With Ellie Brown, Pilates Teacher and Zannie Krogh, Nutritional Therapist

For women who experience symptoms of hormone imbalances from PMS to the menopause.

Do you have feelings of anxiety, anger, rage, low energy, difficult sleeping, low mood, depression, feel tearful?

Well I do and so do 1000’s of of other women like yourselves.

Hormonal imbalance can be a challenging and can cause many unpleasant symptoms including mood swings, fatigue and poor sleep, low libido and gut problems.

In this workshop we will talk through the different – mainly sex – hormones and their interaction with each other and how this interaction affects the body; what changes the female body goes through before and during the menopause, and what effect this may have on our mental and physical condition. The workshop will provide tips on how with simple changes to our nutrition, exercise and lifestyle we may reduce PMS symptoms and ease the transition into menopause.

The workshop will include a Pilates class, a mindfulness session, tea and a snack and healthy balanced recipe suggestions to take home. It will also include a 50% discount voucher to attend a Pilates class at Greenwich Fitness and Pilates.

Hormone balacinvg workshop