Mother and Baby Massage

New to Greenwich Fitness & Pilates – Mother and baby Massage

It has long been known that a parent’s instinctual, loving touch contributes to a baby’s well-being. It can help to provide a sense of security and the feeling of being loved, and to create a healthy sense of self and a positive attitude to human connection that will last throughout their life.Learning baby massage provides you with skills to comfort and soothe your baby and further develop that bond between you.This five week course will teach you how to massage your baby: you will learn a different part of the body each week and by the end of the course you will feel confident in performing a full body relaxing massage on your baby. You will be provided with oil and handouts describing the massage techniques so that you can enjoy massaging your baby at home.

Baby Massage can help to relieve symptoms of colic, wind, constipation, colds and teething pain by providing specific strokes and movements. It also aids your baby’s physical and emotional development. The classes are relaxed and informal. Your baby sets the pace of the session and you can feed, rock, soothe, walk around and do whatever your baby needs.

The classes are for babies aged 6 weeks to pre-crawling.

We have two classes a week; Tuesday and Friday. details

The classes are taken by Shelley Cheng and Christine Blowers