Zannie Krogh

  About: I am a fully qualified, registered Nutritional Therapist based in Greenwich. In my clinic I use evidence-based nutritional science to help optimise your health and make you feel better. I see clients with a range of health complaints including gastro-intestinal disorders, low energy, stress and weight management and women who have issues related to hormonal health. I work to find the underlying cause of the issue you need support with by looking at both your diet and lifestyle to resolve and restore your health. Through a thorough dietary analysis I create a realistic and achievable personalised nutritional plan for long term results.  Each protocol include recipes and handouts specified to your specific needs and circumstances. After your consultation I am always available for online support and guidance to make sure you are on track to reach your goals. I run also run regular health workshops in SE London. I offer all new clients a no obligation, free 15-minute discovery call. This session is a chance for you to tell me more about your symptoms and what you wish to achieve and I can explain how I work and what I can do to support you to reach your health goals. For more about my services and to book your free 15 minutes discovery call: SERVICES | Mysite ( Testimonials: "Her invaluable expertise, professionalism and knowledge has empowered me to make more informed choices regarding nutrition to support my over-all health" "We can not recommend Zannie's nutritional guidance enough!" Prices: Starting from £120.00 for an initial consultation Contact details: Website: / Phone: 0796 250 4183