Join Anneke for a 75 minute Slings Masterclass.

Thursday 2pm - 3.15pm

23rd January 

27th February 

26th March 

30th April 

Cost; Block of 4 £80 Single sessions £25

To book please contact Anneke Kruger at

Slings Teacher classes, also open to experienced movers with a regular Pilates/Yoga practice.

Slings Myofascial Training is a contemporary, multidimensional and research-informed training approach. It implements fascia-focused, body-minded movement training on the mat.

 In this class the focus lies on the health-enhancing qualities of fascia which contribute to the balance of your posture, movement efficiency and your vitality. The contrasting movement sequences contain dynamic and rhythmical, as well as soft and melting exercises. This integral mat-based class is enhanced with the use of soft massage balls.

 The method is based on new findings in fascia research and movement science. Furthermore, Slings implies the Thomas W. Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept which portrays the body-wide interconnections of muscles and fascia in myo-fascial slings (short “Slings”).

 Principles and exercises are compatible with a broad variety of movement modalities, including Pilates and Yoga.

 The sense of well-being and freedom after a Slings class is priceless!