Ruth McKinnon, RMT CNHC

Hailing from Toronto Canada where massage is a regulated healthcare profession, Ruth’s practice focuses on the mind-body connection and treating the body as a whole and combining the understanding of a Physiotherapist with a holistic massage-based approach.   Over Ruth’s career, she has worked with a range of clients, from the average desk-bound office workers to women in all stages of pregnancy, not forgetting many amateur and professional athletes who use regular massage therapy for injury prevention and recovery. Her aim is to work with your mind, body and especially your breath to break the pain cycle and restore movement to get you moving freely without pain and back to the life you want to have. ​ Ruth loves introducing people to her unique style of massage treatment which is based in formal Swedish training in school but borrows stretch movement from Fascia Stretch training, diaphragmatic breathing techniques to release locked tissues and de-stressing the mind, and  lastly, attention to detail in her approach to treatment, recognising that each person requires a treatment tailored to their body. You can find out more or be in touch at