Rehabilitation Pilates


These specialist classes are kept to a maximum of 8 clients and are taught by one of our Physiotherapist/Pilates teacher.

The courses are eight weeks and include the follow;

  • A detailed assessment form, for you to complete prior to course commencement; this will enable you to provide any relevant information which will help us support you throughout your course.
  • An optional phone call with you prior to attending the course to discuss your specific needs.
  • Ongoing observation, support and assessment throughout the eight weeks.
  • Education. After each session an optional email with details of what we have covered in the class and how you can use the principals of Pilates in your daily life.
  • Opportunity to catch up any missed sessions on another session on another day.
  • Each class is tailored to your specific needs.
  • On completion of the course we will discuss the outcomes and your future rehabilitation plans.
These classes would best support those recovering and managing an injury or back pain.  They are aimed at encouraging confidence in movement and assisting appropriate use of muscles in the body.  Exercises can also be tailored to those managing osteoporosis and suitable for oncology clients. These courses run in 8 week blocks. Tuesday 8.10pm - 9.10pm  Market Studio 2, Greenwich Market

#Prior to booking please call to ascertain whether this class would be the best class for you Ellie Brown 07958 225598#

Booking. On booking a course with us you will be required to fill out a health form before attending one of our classes.

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