Ramona Peoples 

Ramona's practice focuses on the MYOFASCIA of the body. Working with the myofascia reaches your whole body and your awareness of yourself, your breath and your movement. Myofascia is the connective tissue system that supports and contains every muscle of the body. It binds, wraps and laces all our structures into place …  She says: "My approach is to see each person as an orchestra with their own rhythms. When the individual instruments play their parts, we have harmony."

Ramona combines and blends her skills and experience from two decades of work in movement and manual therapy to help with: pain, movement restrictions, recovery and rehabilitation after injury or surgery, injury prevention, tension and stress, alignment and balance, breath issues and body awareness. She treats people from all walks of life and different ages with a particular interest in women’s health and back care. Each session and treatment plan will be tailor made for your needs and your goals. If you wish, Ramona can help identify and develop appropriate self-help tools and exercises that you can fit into your daily life taking the effects of each treatment with you.

MYOFASCIAL BODYWORK uses a unique blend of advanced myofascial techniques to address specific issues such as movement restrictions and pain incl. back, neck, shoulder pain, sciatica, whiplash, headaches, jaw issues, plantar fasciitis, general tension, joint pain etc. Deep, direct touch and subtle, receptive touch are interwoven with mind-body focus and breath. As a result, pain, athletic performance and well-being can all improve, and tensions and stress can melt away.

STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION is a multi-session myofascial therapy that works progressively through the whole body, addressing whole body patterns and habits. Injury, trauma and habits can affect the body in unique ways and the knock-on effects can be felt some distance away e.g., as persistent pain or issues that appear tricky to shift. The aim is to restore structural balance, ease and fluidity of movement, and a feeling of "comfortably fitting into your skin". You can also think of it as giving yourself a "whole body service". You can choose between a 3-session series or opt for the more detailed 12-session series that works progressively through the entire body. Each session has its own plan and purpose unique to each individual and building upon the last. Initial session time of 75 minute is recommended.

SCARWORK THERAPY is a specially developed and gentle myofascial therapy aiming to reduce any symptoms and discomforts. ScarWork uses a gentle therapeutic touch which can aid the emotional recovery and help accept changes after surgery or injury. It helps with new and old scars from injuries, burns or surgery incl. mastectomy, C-section, hip or knee replacements, etc. The number of sessions required will vary depending on the age, depth and extent of the scar, but some immediate relief is usually felt after just the first treatment.

AVAILABILITY: Tuesday 09:00 - 14:00 Wednesday 15:00 - 20:00

PRICES: Initial 75 minutes £90 60 minutes - £80 75 minutes - £90 90 minutes - £100

CONTACT: 07966 741 296 info@bodyorchestra.com www.bodyorchestra.com