Sunday 7th April 2pm - 3.15pm  with Anya Hayes £17.50 Booking Essential - button (002) Market Studios, Durnford Street, Greenwich Market

Join Anya Hayes for this monthly pregnancy workshop introducing a toolkit of strategies to help you release anxiety and soothe your body as you enter the next phase of your life. Too often our early motherhood experience is clouded by 'shoulds' and self doubt. Committing some time during pregnancy to notice your mental patterns and how you hold tension in your body will help you feel calmer and more confident as you transition to your new normal.

This group session utilises Pilates and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) to connect to your body, calm your mind, silence your inner critic and enhance your feelings of self-compassion and confidence in the journey ahead. Including a guided meditation and breathing, relaxation techniques which will equip you well both for your birth experience and into early motherhood and beyond.  There will also be a Q&A and time for chatting at the end of the session.

Suitable for all trimesters of pregnancy. Tea and snacks will be provided while you meet other expectant mothers in the same phase to build friendships and networks.

Anya Hayes is a Pilates teacher specialising in pregnancy and postnatal recovery. She is the author of several books around Pilates and pregnancy, and perinatal mental health.@mothers.wellness.toolkit The Supermum MythPregnancy: The Naked TrutMothers Wellness Toolkit


Thursday 25th April  1pm - 3pm with Esmelou £25.00 - Booking Essential - button (002)  Market Studios, Durnford Street, Greenwich Market

Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, the final stages of pregnancy can be a unique experience loaded with excitement, anticipation and fear. How do you maintain equilibrium and trust in your body while interested family and friends beg the question ‘when are you due?’. Can you find any comfort in the ‘not-knowing’ when baby will make their grand entrance into your world. Can you ‘let go’ of preconceptions of how your birth will be while at the same time making clear plans and setting intentions? So much to think of! During these last few weeks your body starts to lead the way as it prepares for the most miraculous of experiences. Come and join other mothers in the same phase: move, breathe, cry, laugh and rest.

Mindfulness techniques can play a part in supporting your busy brain. Yoga asana designed specifically for your magnificently pregnant body will help you to find peace, relaxation, a sense of openness and much needed stillness - props will be used and modifications offered. Some movement, breathing and sound techniques will be taught to assist you in creating a calm atmosphere to take into your birth experience and to revisit when baby is born. Above all, the workshop will provide you with a safe and nurturing space to find stillness of mind as you start to listen to your intelligent body, float above the noise and access your resources for inner peace.

At the end of the movement section a mother who has recently given birth will attend to talk through her experience. Tea and snacks will be provided while you meet other expectant mothers in the same phase to build friendships and networks.

Esmelou is a mother of 3 - most recently of a baby boy. A yoga teacher and also a music therapist with experience working with children and adults alike in challenging phases of their lives. Esmelou has a commitment to supporting other mothers who like herself have experienced both the exquisite joys and also the darker moments of pregnancy and motherhood.

Suitable for anyone who is 34 weeks pregnant and beyond. No prior yoga experience necessary.  Tea and snacks will be provided.