Pregnancy & Postnatal Reformer

WEDNESDAY 12.00pm - 1.00pm with Hernan Book Now

This is a pre/postnatal reformer class. These small and intimate classes of up to four women are taken by experienced Pre and postnatal Pilates teacher Hernan trained to teach on the reformer. The hour sessions are varied and less intense than our standard classes and our classes take into consideration the changes you will go through during and after your pregnancy.

Postnatal - We suggest waiting six weeks for a natural birth and 8 weeks after a c section however it very much depends on your own recovery. Should you wish to have a one to one assessment prior to joining the class, we can arrange that for you.

Pregnant  - Please note if you’re in your 3rd trimester and have not attended classes during the earlier stages of your pregnancy you will require a one to one assessment with one of our physiotherapists.

We do offer one to one assessments with our Women's Health team should you wish to attend one of these. Please email for more information

REFORMER STUDIO - Market Studios, Durnford Street, Greenwich Market SE10 9HZ.  Please note the cancellation period for Reformer Classes is now 24 hours. Cancellations after that time will be charged in full.

Classes are limited to four in a class and must be booked in advance.  Please bring some sticky Pilates socks with you. All other equipment is supplied.