Pilates for Runners

Monday 7.15pm - 8.15pm - 4 weeks £40.00. Online held on Zoom

Monday 7th June - 28th June 2021 with Judyta Book Now

No experience of Pilates is required to join this course. Suitable if you have a running injury. A health form will need to be completed prior to attending.

The June course will be taken by Triathlete & Pilates teacher Judyta Kajstura.

Running is a wonderful activity providing great needed freedom and liberation in a time of unprecedented restriction.  However running can put high levels of stress and load through our body with the majority of running injuries being caused by this increased load.

Pilates is an important component in building a well-rounded runner.  It helps to build resilience of muscles and joints to the increasing loads, alongside maintaining and improving mobility to optimize running efficiency and recovery.

These classes will focus on engaging and strengthening the major muscle groups involved in running, alongside working on control and core activation to improve running efficiency.  To aid recovery and therefore promote progression, we will also focus on mobility work to make your next run feel like you best.

To participate you will require a mat, small weights (max 3kg or cans of beans is fine) and a band (or scarf).