Pilates for Men

Wednesday 8.20pm – 9.20pm  Studio 225, 225 Greenwich High Road  (with Chiara)

Spring Term - 4th March - 22nd April - 8 weeks


Pilates has for a long time been associated as a predominantly female activity however with a growing number of professional sportsmen making Pilates part of their training regimes, Pilates has become much more widely recognised in all circles.

Developed in the early twentieth century by accomplished boxer and gymnast Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Method — named by many lifestyle and fitness magazines the hottest workout of the decade — aligns the body, builds long, lean muscles, and develops core abdominal strength.
Intense enough to engage seasoned athletes yet gentle enough to alleviate chronic pain and help prevent/heal injuries.”

Why should I try Pilates?

Building Pilates into your daily life as well as in your training regimes will see improvements in a number of areas, including muscle strength and control, balance, posture, flexibility and injury prevention.

How challenging is Pilates?

It’s technically difficult, requiring you to achieve and maintain good form and posture while moving through a range of exercises. It requires continual mental and physical effort as you focus on correct muscle engagement and activation.

Will Pilates help build strength?

Pilates is focused on improving posture and muscle function. The aim is to lengthen tight muscles that pull the body out of ideal posture and to strengthen the muscles that hold the body in good posture. For example, to help alleviate lower back pain, the hamstrings and hip flexors need to be stretched and the lower abs and glutes will need to be activated. We then use more ‘functional exercises’  to train the body to maintain good posture whilst moving. The same principles apply to postural issues in the upper back and shoulder.

 And don't forget Joseph Pilates was a man!