Saturday 2nd March 2-3.00pm - £15.00   button (002) -

with registered nutritional therapist Zannie Krogh at The Market Studios.

The topics which will be covered;

  • Macro and micro nutrients – including which key nutrients to focus on for baby’s healthy development
  • Importance of fibre and how to improve or maintain good gut health through pregnancy and its importance for our overall health.

Top tips for each trimester ; including how to reduce morning sickness, importance of omega 3, vitamin D, good multi vitamins, reduce toxic exposure, protein, iron, rainbow food, keep moving/exercise, me time, and how to prepare for the birth.

  • The importance of good sleep routines and ways to reduce stress to improve overall health.
  • Recipe ideas


  • The importance of maintaining a stable blood sugar level and reduce tiredness and burn out post pregnancy.
  • Sleep post pregnancy
  • Recipe ideas (including handouts)

We will also be serving some healthy snacks and hopefully answer lots of questions 😃


Zannie Krogh - Registered Nutritional Therapist

Zannie is one of our partners at Greenwich Fitness and Pilates

My interest in nutrition comes from a simple place: a life-long love of food. When I was pregnant with my first child 7 years ago I began researching the ways that what I ate could support a healthy pregnancy. This interest developed and, during my second pregnancy, I knew that I wanted to learn as much as I could about the health benefits of great food and so started a three year diploma course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London to qualify as a registered Nutritional Therapist.

What I love about nutritional therapy is that we consider the whole body, not just the issues a client might be concerned about, and then create sensible, achievable (and delicious) personalised programmes that support our clients to better health. For some this might mean supporting a client with a long-term illness while for others it could be kick-starting a healthier lifestyle.

I am big believer in long term solutions and giving my clients the tools to achieve them. The most common health issues I deal with include digestive health, stress, fatigue and pre and post-natal support.

I am Danish and have lived in South East London for 14 years, after arriving to study for my first degree in Marketing. I have 2 children – a girl aged 6 and a boy aged 3.