Foundation Yoga Course


Friday 9.30am - 10.30am; 19th January - 28th February (places still available email to book)

Greenwich Pilates Studio; £81.00 - To Book

A good place for beginners and those who want to go back to the foundations of asana (poses). Working on breathing techniques and good alignment I will help you break down yoga postures to set you up with a good foundation to move forwards in your practice.

No prior experience necessary. However for those who are more experienced this is a great opportunity to hone your practice and take the time to learn a bit more about clean, safe alignment and how one posture can set you up for the next.

These classes won’t flow as fluidly as we examine movements in more detail, but by the end of the course you will be sliding through sun salutations and even setting up for some arm balances. Classes will involve, breathing, warming up the body, sun salutations and meditation. Each class will be themed to focus on different areas of the physical body and elements of yoga. (course is not suitable for pregnant or post-natal students)

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