Ellen Rowland

Ellen is a professional Aromatherapist, massage therapist and holistic facialist. She believes that through experiencing healing touch like massage, we can gain a deeper awareness of ourselves and our bodies, bring calm to our lives, and increase our self-awareness  and wellbeing. In her practice, She aims to create the space to allow her clients to reflect on their health as a whole, take deep rest, and open up the space for positive changes to happen, physically, mentally and emotionally. Although she specialises in supporting clients with their emotional health, she complements this with a variety of massage disciplines and training to provide the most relevant and beneficial treatment for all clients. She works with both deep-tissue and lighter effleurage techniques depending on your tolerance levels and needs, and will adjust pressure and target treatments accordingly. She checks in regularly and encourages feedback during sessions. This makes sure that clients receive the best massage for them. She is IFPA and CNHC registered, and has years of experience treating clients from all walks of life: engineers, designers, yoga teachers, sports enthusiasts, project managers, puppeteers, musicians, massage therapists, retired folks and office workers. Her training and experience has led her to work with clients with various health conditions and disabilities, as well as pregnant clients, those with sports injuries, particularly addressing pain and tension. She will consider and address imbalances in mental and emotional health as part of every treatment.   To book, contact Ellen on: 07792307344 (Whatsapp, SMS or phonecalls all welcome) or email: hello@amberluna.co.uk or book via the website: www.amberluna.co.uk