Covid Risk Assessment Greenwich Park

Risk Assessment Hazard Checklist – Greenwich Runners/Buggy Runners/Mummy Walk & Talk


Greenwich Runners/Buggy Runners/Mummy Walk & Talk

  Assessment Date

17th July 2020

Assessed By Ellie Brown   Approved By

Ellie Brown

  Greenwich  Park, London   Activities     Owner         Greenwich Runners/Buggy Runners/Mummy Walk & Talk
    Ellie Brown







Suitable clothing/shoes


Scooters, Skateboards and Rollerblades


Check Equipment


Dogs on and off Leads



Falling Conkers/chestnuts









Tractors and Trailer



Film Production Transport









Uneven playing surface


Information and instruction


Hard or sharp objects on paths


Health and Safety rules and procedures


Weather Conditions


First aid equipment and experience


Collisions / Conflict with surrounding objects or people


Medical conditions of participants


Equipment checked


Differing skill levels within group


Qualification Coaches


Level of physical fitness / strength







YE   6.





All participants must sign in online prior to attending any session. Mindbody is the booking app.


Prams checked  - wheels pumped up, brakes working


For Mummy Walk and Talk a register is taken with email address.


Prams – no items hanging off buggy – blankets/toys


All participants to have read and accepted GFP covid procedures and protocols prior to starting any activity


Babies strapped in


All health forms to be completed and up to date.


Buggy straps around wrists


Attendees reminded 2m social distancing ruke



Runners not to run immediately behind each other



Check health of all attendees.



Personal belongings



Personal Hygiene



Mask and Gloves


Risk Assessment – Greenwich Runners/Buggy Runners/Mummy Walk & Talk – Greenwich Park


Greenwich Runners/Buggy Runners/Mummy Walk & Talk

Number of persons involved Approx 5-21
Nature of Activity

Fitness Group

Frequency of Activity 5/6 sessions a week
Assessed By

Ellie Brown

Date 17th July 2020
Approved By Ellie Brown Date  
Hazard Ref. Potential Effect Existing Controls in Place Score Low/Medium/High Risk
1.1/1.2/ Participant running into bicycle/skateboard Keep to designated routes and off cycle lanes (all participants have read health and safety regulations) Medium
1.3 Tripping over Dogs Slow down when running past dogs. Medium
1.4 Conkers and chestnuts falling into prams Put up rain covers over buggies Low
1.5 Running into Pedestrians Keep to designated routes. Be respectful of other park users Low
1.6 Park events blocking routes Changes routes and makes sure new routes are free from events vehicles/marquees etc High
1.7 Prams being an obstruction to park vehicles Make way for vehicles – stop/slow down and keep to the side High
2.1 Surface uneven of prams Bring uneven surface to the attention of the participants and the route may have to be changed in extreme circumstances Low
2.2 Could get in the wheels of the pram Routes to be checked before sessions Low
2.3 Make the surface difficult Power walk if surface slippery from rain. If extreme circumstances ice/snow class may be cancelled.   Medium
2.4 Participants running into each other Single file where paths narrow. Participants are responsible for their prams as in Health and Safety and waiver signed. Medium
2.5 Instructors equipment could break in use All equipment checked before class. Low
2.6 In accordance with Health and Safety All qualifications kept up to date. Self Development classes attended. Low
2.7 Particpants have prams which are unsafe for use in class All participants have to be responsible for prams – Health and Safety information read. Advise if need to pump up tyres or if too unstable to use Low
Hazard Ref. Potential Effect Existing Controls in Place Score Low/Medium/High Risk
2.9 Blanket or toys could be caught in wheels. Remind all participants before class begins and check during class Medium
3.0 Babies could fall out of prams Remind all participants before class begins and check that all are. Low
3.1 Prams could run down hill out of control. Wear buggy wrists at all times Low
4.1 Shoes and clothing inappropriate Participants reminded it is an exercise class and advised where to purchase appropriate clothing Low
4.2 Participant dehydrated Participant reminded to bring water/drink for themselves and baby and reminded to drink liquid before, during and after the class. The fountain is close by if needed. Also reminded to eat! Medium
5.1 Particpants unaware of what is happening in the class Instructed before class what will be happening that day in a clear voice. Low
5.2 Particpants unaware of the safety rules Particpants have signed an enrolment form outlining health and safety and they are remined before each session begins. Low
5.3 An accident which requires medical attention First Aid equipment carried by instructor and one instructor holds a valid B.C.L.S Resusication qualification. Mobile phones carried to call emergency services. Also to call Park Warden and tell of incident Low
5.4 Participants ability to be able to do the class All participants complete and sign an enrolment form. They are spoken to before the class and any medical condition is highlighted Low
Hazard Ref. Potential Effect Existing Controls in Place Score Low/Medium/High Risk
6.1 All attendees registered For track and trace – online booking system – Mindbody. Low
6.2 All attendees registered Mummy walk and talk fill in a registration form Low
6.3 Covid Risks sent to each attendee prior to session or attendee reads and accepts covid risks This is sent out in an email confirming the place. For Mummy Walk and talk they have to read and accept covid risks prior to attending the walk Low
6.4 2 m social distancing Coaches to remind attendees in briefing prior to attending and also sent out in email to all attendees prior to attending Low
6.5 Not to run or walk directly behind anyone Coaches to remind attendees in briefing prior to attending and also sent out in email to all attendees prior to attending Low
6.6 Any covid symptoms – not to attend the session These are highlighted before and during the session. Not to attend if feeling unwell. Low
6.7 Personal belongings These are to be handled by the owner only Low
6.8 Spitting and blowing of nose without tissues is forbidden This is discussed before the session and sent in an email prior to the session  
6.9 All coaches to carry mask and gloves All coaches agreed to this. If some one is feeling unwell, mask and gloves to be used in an emergency Low
7.00 Covid Corordinator One covid coordinator always at each session  
    Email sent to all attendees - Covid Risk Assessment - 17th July 2020   This information is also on the registration sheet for the Mummy walk and talk  
  • All runners must sign into Mindbody – this may be used for track and trace
  • All runners are to make sure their health form is up to date.
  • All Greenwich Runners must adhere to the social distance guidelines of 2m.
  • Please note – When we all meet and finish the session remember to keep the 2m social distance.
  • Please do not run right behind another runner.
  • By coming to the session, you are agreeing to the risks of running in a group.
  • If you feel unwell you MUST NOT come to the session.
  • You may not have done a training session for some time, so please be careful not to overdo it.
  • Bring some water as it will be warm.
  • You will be split into smaller groups before the session begins – please listen to instructions from the coaches.
  • Please be aware of other park users and give them 2m distance when running past.
  • If you feel unwell during the session, please inform a coach.
  • Coaches cannot take any of our personal belongings.
  • Please no high fives and please do not spit or blow your nose without a tissue (apologies – have to be mentioned)
  • Covid Officers; Greenwich Fitness and Pilates (Ellie Brown) and a walk leader or coach
  • Covid Risk assessment can be found on our website
    Covid Coordinator – details of what is a covid co-ordinator   Considerations for planning group activity Covid-19 Coordinator You should appoint a designated Covid-19 Coordinator whose responsibilities are to work with the business.
  • Liaising with the facility manager/landowner in relation to all matters concerning Covid-19.
  • Producing site-based risk assessments ensuring that the club is compliant with government guidelines.
These will need to be updated when guidance or club activity changes or evolves.
  • Ensuring all necessary levels of risk mitigation are in place prior to training.
  • Should ensure they are prepared and have planned for circumstances where injuries or other accidents occur, and they have mitigating procedures and plans in place to resolve the issue while maintaining all government guidance ensuring compliance of social distancing measures during training sessions.
  • Ensuring that volunteers, coaches/leaders, athletes, and parents/guardians are adhering to this guidance.
  • Ensuring that the group complies with the facility restrictions and guidance.
  The Covid-19 Coordinator role is not entirely expected to take full responsibility for all health and safety or risk assessment protocols implemented by the business. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure protocols are implemented and reviewed across each group with the Covid-19 Coordinator acting as the key point of contact for related matters. In carrying out those tasks listed above and checking the guidance provided by Sport England and the government, you should be able to enable a COVID secure environment.