Calm HypnoBirthing

Sophie from Calm HypnoBirthing advises and inspires parents about birth with meaningful antenatal education. Courses are suitable for first time parents-to-be through to couples who have had previous birth experience.

Sophie aims to give parents a great start to parenthood and a positive birth story. Sophie is very passionate about sharing HypnoBirthing tools with couples and very knowledgeable about what she does. The 'go to' calm, confident birth expert in South East London. Current dates at Greenwich Pilates are: Please contact Sophie for all dates

Classes cost £297 per “bump” (concessions are available) and you can book online at or call Sophie 07885 904 589

In class, you will learn deep relaxation, self-hypnosis and visualisation techniques and:

  • The simple yet specific HypnoBirthing breathing techniques
  • Massage techniques designed to release endorphins
  • Fear-release methods to overcome any concerns about the birth and future parenting skills
  • Effective birthing positions
  • Basic physiology of birth
  • Methods of bonding with your baby prior to birth
  • And much more ...

She also includes a copy of the book 'HypnoBirthing' by Katharine Graves - a great read for mum/dad-to-be or anybody else who wants to understand pregnancy and birthing without fear.  You’ll also get relaxation scripts to enable you to practise at home, some HypnoBirthing Affirmations and relaxation tracks and visual aids/pictures to create that calm & positive birth experience.

Sophie also has a wide range of educational videos on perineal massage, when to go to the birthing space, what to pack in your birth bag and many more available on the website