Birth Without Fear

Birth Without Fear method is the trusted and established Swedish method used by thousands of  birthing people and maternity professionals across Scandinavia, and now finally available in the UK.

Experienced midwife and method ambassador Emilie Wicks will guide you through a uniquely interactive and practical 4 hour childbirth class empowering you and your chosen birth partner with evidence-based hands-on techniques and coping strategies exclusively based in the science of physiology. You will feel enabled to navigate your way as a team through the sometimes unpredictable and often medicalised journey of childbirth, which is both a physically and emotionally challenging life event, with the use of 4 simple, effective and powerful tools.

Your birth partner will thereby learn how to both practically and emotionally support you in every contraction. This method is not for or against pain relief and can be used in any setting and for any mode of birth. The aim is for you both to achieve an emotionally safe birth experience that will leave you feeling strong, positive and ready to take on the next adventure as parents.

The author and founder of the method and book Give Birth Without Fear by physiotherapist and doula Susanna Heli was a best seller in Sweden and now also available in English once again in its eagerly anticipated 2nd edition (Amazon/Kindle).


Sat 22nd May 10.00-14.00 virtual  (£90 - discount £63.00) (30% discount - Discount Code: BIRTHWITHOUTFEAR30%)

Sat 19th June 10.00-14.00 virtual (60 euros)

Sat 24th July 13.00-17.00 face-to-face (£75) /virtual (60 euros)

Sat 21st Aug 13.00-17.00 face-to-face (£75)/ virtual (60 euros)

Sat 18th September 13.00-17.00 face-to-face (£75) /virtual (60 euros)

The book  Give Birth Without Fear - Promotional offer for Greenwich Pilates clients - a free book when they sign up for a class.

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Saturday 15th May 12.00PM-12.45PM:

You are welcome to join midwife  and UK method ambassador Emilie Wicks introduce the Birth Without Fear method, the trusted and established Swedish method etc. etc. (add from above how much or how little you think is necessary).

This is an informal 'Q&A' session where you will learn about the 4 powerful Birth Without Fear tools and how they can help the birthing person and their chosen birth partner achieve an emotionally safe birth in the unpredictable and often obstetric-controlled birth environment of the modern world. This accessible method takes its guidance from physiology and how the body responds to stress and fear and how these factors aim to hinder the birth process in order to keep the baby safe from harm, because from an evolutionary perspective we are supposed to give birth when we FEEL SAFE. The method trains the birth partner in how to activate the feeling of safety therefore, in order to unlock the innate birthing physiology of the birth person, which will ultimately allow birth to progress but even more importantly help them both to achieve an emotionally safe birth.

This session will provide you with some practical take home tips as well!

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