Beginners Pilates

These beginner classes sessions can be booked in single sessions or in term blocks and are for people with no or very little experience of the Pilates Method.

This level deals with the basic fundamentals and how to begin to achieve some core stability, how to use breath correctly and how to apply the Pilates principles. The beginners classes are run in courses so over the weeks of the course, you are gently introduced to the key principles.

Small bespoke classes with excellent teaching and support.

Saturday 9.00am - 10.00am ONLINE held via Zoom with Alexia Chessel

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Monday 8.10pm - 9.10pm ONLINE held via Zoom with Kay Lockett

Return Term - 17th May - 21st June- 6 weeks - £60.00 button (002)

 Also available as a drop in


Tuesday 7.00pm - 8.00pm FACE TO FACE AT STUDIO 225 with  Laura

Return Term - 18th May - 22nd June - 6 weeks - £84.00 button (002)