Covid Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Hazard Checklist – Greenwich Runners/Buggy Runners/Mummy Walk & Talk

NameGreenwich Runners/Buggy Runners/Mummy Walk & Talk Assessment Date17th July 2020
Assessed ByEllie Brown Approved ByEllie Brown
 Greenwich  Park, London Activities     Owner        Greenwich Runners/Buggy Runners/Mummy Walk & Talk
  Ellie Brown
1.1Bicycles  4.1Suitable clothing/shoes 
1.2Scooters, Skateboards and Rollerblades  4.2Check Equipment 
1.3Dogs on and off Leads     
1.4Falling Conkers/chestnuts     
1.7Tractors and Trailer     
1.8Film Production Transport     
2.1Uneven playing surface  5.1Information and instruction 
2.2Hard or sharp objects on paths  5.2Health and Safety rules and procedures 
2.3Weather Conditions  5.3First aid equipment and experience 
2.4Collisions / Conflict with surrounding objects or people  5.4Medical conditions of participants 
2.5Equipment checked  5.5Differing skill levels within group 
2.6Qualification Coaches  5.6Level of physical fitness / strength 
3.1Prams checked  – wheels pumped up, brakes working     
3.2Prams – no items hanging off buggy – blankets/toys     
3.3Babies strapped in     
3.4Buggy straps around wrists     

Risk Assessment – Greenwich Runners/Mums & Baby Exercise Class – Greenwich Park

NameGreenwich Runners/Buggy Runners/Mummy Walk & TalkNumber of persons involvedApprox 5-21
Nature of ActivityFitness GroupFrequency of Activity5/6 sessions a week
Assessed ByEllie BrownDate17th July 2020
Approved ByEllie BrownDate 
Hazard Ref.Potential EffectExisting Controls in PlaceScore Low/Medium/High Risk
1.1/1.2/Participant running into bicycle/skateboardKeep to designated routes and off cycle lanes (all participants have read health and safety regulations)Medium
1.3Tripping over DogsSlow down when running past dogs.Medium
1.4Conkers and chestnuts falling into pramsPut up rain covers over buggiesLow
1.5Running into PedestriansKeep to designated routes. Be respectful of other park usersLow
1.6Park events blocking routesChanges routes and makes sure new routes are free from events vehicles/marquees etcHigh
1.7Prams being an obstruction to park vehiclesMake way for vehicles – stop/slow down and keep to the sideHigh
2.1Surface uneven of pramsBring uneven surface to the attention of the participants and the route may have to be changed in extreme circumstancesLow
2.2Could get in the wheels of the pramRoutes to be checked before sessionsLow
2.3Make the surface difficultPower walk if surface slippery from rain. If extreme circumstances ice/snow class may be cancelled.  Medium
2.4Participants running into each otherSingle file where paths narrow. Participants are responsible for their prams as in Health and Safety and waiver signed.Medium
2.5Instructors equipment could break in useAll equipment checked before class.Low
2.6In accordance with Health and SafetyAll qualifications kept up to date. Self Development classes attended.Low
2.7Particpants have prams which are unsafe for use in classAll participants have to be responsible for prams – Health and Safety information read. Advise if need to pump up tyres or if too unstable to useLow
Hazard Ref.Potential EffectExisting Controls in PlaceScore Low/Medium/High Risk
2.9Blanket or toys could be caught in wheels.Remind all participants before class begins and check during classMedium
3.0Babies could fall out of pramsRemind all participants before class begins and check that all are.Low
3.1Prams could run down hill out of control.Wear buggy wrists at all timesLow
4.1Shoes and clothing inappropriateParticipants reminded it is an exercise class and advised where to purchase appropriate clothingLow
4.2Participant dehydratedParticipant reminded to bring water/drink for themselves and baby and reminded to drink liquid before, during and after the class. The fountain is close by if needed. Also reminded to eat!Medium
5.1Particpants unaware of what is happening in the classInstructed before class what will be happening that day in a clear voice.Low
5.2Particpants unaware of the safety rulesParticpants have signed an enrolment form outlining health and safety and they are remined before each session begins.Low
5.3An accident which requires medical attentionFirst Aid equipment carried by instructor and one instructor holds a valid B.C.L.S Resusication qualification. Mobile phones carried to call emergency services. Also to call Park Warden and tell of incidentLow
5.4Participants ability to be able to do the classAll participants complete and sign an enrolment form. They are spoken to before the class and any medical condition is highlightedLow

Covid Risk Assessment – 17th July 2020

  • All runners must sign into Mindbody – this may be used for track and trace
  • All runners are to make sure their health form is up to date.
  • All Greenwich Runners must adhere to the social distance guidelines of 2m.
  • Please note – When we all meet and finish the session remember to keep the 2m social distance.
  • Please do not run right behind another runner.
  • By coming to the session, you are agreeing to the risks of running in a group.
  • If you feel unwell you MUST NOT come to the session.
  • You may not have done a training session for some time, so please be careful not to overdo it.
  • Bring some water as it will be warm.
  • You will be split into smaller groups before the session begins – please listen to instructions from the coaches.
  • Please be aware of other park users and give them 2m distance when running past.
  • If you feel unwell during the session, please inform a coach.
  • Coaches cannot take any of our personal belongings.
  • Please no high fives and please do not spit or blow your nose without a tissue (apologies – have to be mentioned)
  • Covid Officers; Ellie Brown, Angela Sweeney, Yasia Williams
  • Covid Risk assessment can be found on our website