Buggy Runners turns 15…..

Buggy Runners turns 15…..

Years have flown by it is times like these that remind me why I set up Buggy Runners 15 years ago.

With my daughters, Ruby and Millie, I’d taken a few weeks of maternity leave and gone straight back to work. I was ambitious, focussed and wanted to keep the cogs of my career turning. But my maternity leave with Ed coincided with the company I worked with being sold and my role of 17 years becoming redundant.

At the time, I knew just a handful of people in Greenwich and now I was on maternity leave with a changed routine and a limited support network.  

It was Ed’s arrival, the changed in circumstances and my brush with post-natal depression which sparked the idea to form a group for parents who loved to run. 

A neighbour, Dr Kate, who’s a keen runner, saw me running and we started to run together. We joined forced with some Mums from the girl’s Primary school and together we did the Cancer Research UK 5k on Blackheath. It was the first time I’d run a race since school and it made me realise running wasn’t about speed or fitness, it was about community, doing an activity together with friends and family. And I loved it. 

I built Buggy Runners around that feeling 15 years ago. I want to bring like minded people together – mums who don’t want to leave their babies to exercise and who want to meet other like minded women who love being outside and having fun while exercising. Lifelong friendships have been made at Buggy Runners – mums have been bridesmaids and godmothers for each other, holidays taken together and nannies shared. And when someone comes along who is feeling low or who is diagnosed with post natal depression, there’s always another mum to empathise, and an instructor to help. 

Come and try it, our for yourself – your first class is on us. 

Ellie Brown – Founder Ellie Brown Wellness/Buggy Runners