Alongside Pilates we also offer a selection of Yoga classes to our clients in the Greenwich area.

Please check in the timetable for a class that suits you.


Greenwich Fitness and Pilates offer Pre & Postnatal Yoga classes at their studio and at the St.Marks Community Centre, Greenwich. We are now one of the leading specialist in pre and postnatal fitness is South East London and we have partnered up with many pre & postnatal specialists throughout the area.


Pregnancy Yoga

Monday 7.00pm – 8.05pm with Medea  St.Marks

Tuesday 12.15pm – 1.20pm with Alenka Greenwich Pilates Studio

Saturday 11.15am – 12.20pm with Medea St.Marks, Greenwich South Street

Meet other like minded mums to be in our friendly and calm environment. The positive, active yet relaxed atmosphere of our classes aims to convey a shared feeling of celebration and enjoyment of this very special time of transformation and growth. The classes are suitable from 12 weeks up until the birth of your baby and you can join us anytime and no experience is needed. To book and details


Mother & baby Yoga

Friday 11.15am – 12.15am with Medea. Greenwich Pilates Studio

Drop in £14 Booking online 

Our calm, friendly and relaxed classes will help with all aspects of postnatal recovery as well meet other new Mummies. We will introduce you to a series of postures which will help regain strength in the body and ease any postnatal stiffness. Your baby will be beside you throughout the class and we will also introduce some Baby Yoga so the babies can benefit too! details


Mother & Toddler Yoga

Tuesday 1.45pm – 2.35pm with Medea Greenwich Pilates Studio

Drop in £11 Booking online

Toddler Yoga is a progression of Baby Yoga when your baby has become mobile, crawling or even walking. These playful and interactive sessions create a joyful space for parents to exercise and have fun with their children. The classes promote strength, flexibility and balance for both parent and child. Relaxing and energetic activities are combined to develop a healthy lifestyle. This style of yoga would be suitable for children from approximately 10 months to 3 years old.


Mixed Level Yoga with Alison Greenwich Pilates Studio, 225 Greenwich High Rd

Sunday 8.30am – 9.45am.

£60/6 classes – £ 12.00 Drop in.

These classes are a strong, breath-led, alignment-based, physical yoga practice finishing with deep and complete relaxation.

Contact: 07935 087480  –


Yoga Beginners with Damaris Greenwich Pilates Studio. 225 Greenwich High Rd

Sunday 11.15am – 12.30pm Drop in £12.00/£60 for 6 sessions

A flowing class suitable for beginners and those who want a slower practice with a strong focus on healthy alignment, key poses and the basics of breath.

For more information please contact Damaris:

Vinyasa Yoga (Power Yoga) with David Greenwich Pilates Studio, 225 Greenwich High Rd

Friday 9.30am – 10.40am. £14.00 Drop in.

These classes focus on the link between breath and movement, it is a faster paced flow that will leave you feeling relaxed and energized. Expect to sweat. No previous Yoga experience is necessary, however a reasonable level of fitness is assumed and the class will be unsuitable for anyone recovering from back injury.

For more information

Fusion Yoga with Medea Greenwich Pilates Studio, 225 Greenwich High Rd

Saturday 4.30pm – 5.45pm £12.00 (drop in)

Thursday 5.45pm – 7pm £12.00 (drop in)

It starts with Sun Salutes, Suryanamaskar followed by a series of standing poses which lead into a series of seated poses. The entire practise is a continuous flow of movement and breathing which creates an internal and physical heat that purifies the body and calms the mind. Each posture builds on the previous one, strengthening and returning the body to a state of balance.

Classes are drop in and open to all levels. For more information

Hatha Yoga with Medea Greenwich Pilates Studio, 225 Greenwich High Rd

Thursday 7.00am – 8.00am  £10.00.  Drop in.

This classic yoga style promotes a healthy mind and body connection through a series of stretches and pranayama. It is a slower paced class, designed to awaken the body and prepare you for the day ahead. A good place to learn poses and relaxation techniques.

Open to all levels. For more information

Restorative Yoga with Medea Greenwich Pilates Studio, 225 Greenwich High Rd

Saturday 6.00pm – 7.00pm £12.00 Drop in

In this session you will be led through a few simple poses with the use of props for a longer holding of the postures.It is a great opportunity to disconnect from the hectic activity of daily life. The slower-pace and deep breathing activates the parasystematic nervous system and opens the door-way to healing. Through the techniques of the practice, you awaken grace, flexibility, balance and strength.