Intermediate Pilates

These Intermediate classes can only be booked in term blocks and are for those who have been doing Pilates for at least a year. The classes are designed to challenge the whole body and are conducted with increased flow of movement.

Monday 7.10pm - 8.10pm Greenwich Pilates Studio (with Ellen)

Easter Term - 19th  February - 26th March - 6 Weeks - £81.00  Book your Course

Tuesday 8.20pm - 9.20pm  Studio one, Market Studios, Greenwich Market (with Ruth)

Easter Term - 20th  February - 27th March - 6 Weeks - £81.00  Book your Course

Wednesday 8.30pm – 9.30pm  Studio one, Market Studios, Greenwich Market (with Ellie)

Easter Term - 21st  February - 28th March - 6 Weeks - £81.00  Book your Course

Thursday 9.30am - 10.30am   Studio one, Market Studios, Greenwich Market (with Ellie)

Easter Term - 22nd  February - 29th March - 6 Weeks - £81.00  Book your Course